Discover and harness the power of Visual Thinking. Live-Cartooning is enlightning and gives immediate rise to discussion and new insights. Comic House offers a professional team of live cartoonists for events throughout Europe


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Comic House will help make your events shine. As a professional moderator and event advisor, their live cartooning is a ‘must have’ for my government and corporate clients’ internal and external events across Europe. They guarantee engaging, memorable visual impact to capture and reinforce your key messages.

David Rose
LACS Training | Director


Every day we work on several events simultaneously throughout Europe. Because of the confidentiality, it is not always possible to showcase all that work publically. But whenever possible, we proudly present our achievements here.

As a creative collective we’ve been around for over 30 years. As a result, we boast a wealth of practical experience and represent the most distinguished artists in the field. Over the years, we developed an excellent nose for finding new artists who possess all the additional features and talents that live cartoonists need.

Besides booking and scheduling our cartoonists, we also provide all additional materials that may be needed before and after a session. We can also take care of a video report or photo shoot during your event. Afterwards we can harvest the creative efforts of our cartoonist in a bound report, or as ready-made content for a powerpoint or video presentation.

In addition, Comic House is a reliable and experienced animation producer, responsible for the planning and production of numerous award-winning productions for TV, feature film and online applications

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Nice! People who make challenging stuff seem easy. Such an awesome collaboration!

Frank Timmermans
KPN | Head of Digital UX & Strategic Digital Consultant


During the first years of life, our cognitive development proceeds purely on the basis of senses. We look, hear, smell, taste and feel. Reading and writing do not play any role yet. So people are originally all visual thinkers. Language is an artificial layer, applied later in life. Image is the hard coded base.

I gladly contact Comic House for my clients, and I am very pleased with the great artists, who always manage to simplify complicated discussions. And especially with the people from Comic House; they deliver fast and with quality, and are pleasant in personal contact.

Esther Schaddelee
CommuniCapers | Owner

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Always the best service and cooperation. We have already carried out several assignments with Comic House and I am always very satisfied!

Agavni Jessaijan
Heartcore-Lab | Owner

An Explanimation or explain-animation is more than a nice movie. After all, the goal is to convey lots of usually complex information in just a few minutes time, and in a crystal-clear manner. So prior to production we chart the objective of each movie very precisely in close consultation with our clients.

On that basis we develop a concept that is first outlined in detail as a well-organized storyboard. Together with our professional and production-proven animation team, we ensure that every Explanimation works from start to finish. Need more info? Please ask!

Below is a selection of our productions. Many more examples here!

The style, the understanding of the problematic, the sense of humor, and the rapidity have impressed all the team! Yesterday evening, the clients were already discussing how they can reuse your talent for other meetings! So congratulations and thank you so much!

Céline Cuvier
Global Brand Director

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Terrific how Comic House assists me time after time and swiftly finds the right solution and the perfect cartoonist for each assignment!

Bas van Glabbeek
Involve | Internal Communication Specialist


Close your eyes and think of a lemon. You’ll instantly see a lemon. The actual word is secondary. Now think of the wider concept ‘vacation’. You’ll see an image of what this means to you personally. A sunny beach for example, or snowy mountain peaks, or a lazy chair. Visual Thinking is less ambiguous and more accurate than just text.

Because of their fast, flexible and decisive way of working, Comic House ensured that we had exactly the right cartoonist for our event in the very short term. Clever how they grasp what we're looking for so flawlessly, in spite of limited information.

Claudia de Graaff
ING | Business manager Chief Operations & Transformation Officer


Comic House stands out from other live cartooning agencies on at least one particular point. We can actually draw. All Comic House artists have long, successful careers in conceiving, drawing and writing comics, cartoons and graphic novels. That is why they understand, better than anyone, how to tell a story visually. That is noticeable, and above all, visible.


Visual communication is faster and more accurate than text. Imagery is an indispensable tool for organizing and processing complex data. Think of doodling during a telephone conversation, or a lengthy meeting. This actually helps our brain to organize, understand, and store complex information. Moreover, visual thinking is not limited by language.

I found the contribution of the Comic House cartoonist to our congress refreshing! What an official needs a whole story for, he caught in just one picture. Afterwards the cartoons form a summary; a kind of legacy, but in striking images!

Margaretha Pluim
Policy Officer of the Ministry of Security and Justice
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