Webhelp: Beyond Social

Social media go way beyond webcare. They can mean a lot for marketing, reputation and customer loyalty. But how do you ensure that your social media presence actually has the desired effect? This and other questions were discussed in Amersfoort during a session of Netino, an organization specialized in social media and digital communication. Live cartoonist Michiel van de Pol helped to find the answers.

The use of social media only becomes successful if you know exactly what you want to achieve. Is it higher customer satisfaction? A wide reach of a campaign? Or more publicity for a new product? This session revolves around a growth model; a step-by-step plan that will help you get more out of social media activities every step of the way. Because social media offers many more possibilities than just replying to messages. The practical examples show how things can go well on social media, and also hopelessly wrong. If you have your processes in order, you will see successes increase and prevent slips with a good strategy plan.